Monday, 4 November 2013

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks Review.

So a while ago now I managed to get my hands on some of Rimmel's new lipstick offerings. Apparently the Moisture Renew range has ben around for some time- however I've never tried any of them. Rimmel recently updated the range, adding new shades and changing the formula of the lipsticks slightly- they are now even more moisturising.

There was such a huge variety of colours to choose from but I went for three of their new shades!
From left to right we have;

Glam Plum Fulham; A gorgeous berry shade. Anyone who follows me here or on YouTube will know my love for dark-berry toned lipsticks. This is the most recent one I've added to my ever growing purple lipstick collection- and I love it! Its darker than MAC's Plumful but more purple than Rebel which is more of a blackcurrant shade. On me it is a really vampy-dark purple colour that's perfect for this time of year- how I love dark evenings paired with an even darker lip.

In Love With Ginger; First of all can we just take a moment to appreciate the fabulous name of this lipstick? If I just heard the name and hadn't seen the colour it would be enough for me to buy it immediately! Lucky for me this is another beautiful colour- many bloggers are dubbing it a MAC Morange dupe. I have never owned Morange- but have always admired it from a distance on others- I always felt on my skin tone it would make me look pasty and ill. How wrong I was! This is my favourite colour from the bunch as it is so vibrant and really brightens up my skin tone However, I do need that little bit more blusher when I wear it to stop things getting too pale looking.

As You Want Victoria; Another great lipstick with another great name! This is the one that is least like me to buy as hot pink just isn't my thing. However, I am having a bit of a love affair with this lipstick- even if that only means staring at it...  Here's hoping that I will be  brave enough to wear this more often than all the other pinks which are so neglected in my make-up stash. As you can see from the pictures this is a really vibrant reddy-pink which would suit any skin tone!

Overall I have to say that these lipsticks have really impressed me, the formula reminds me a lot of a MAC Crème Sheens which are very moisturising- the Rimmel ones however are slightly more glossy. The pigmentation is great, they are so vibrant and long-lasting on the lips. The only real problem is that they are very easy to smudge making them quite messy when eating/drinking- but as long as you are aware of this its not too bad, you just need to be careful! I like to wear mine blotted down with a tissue to get a slightly more matte effect!

For more on these lipsticks, or to see them on me, I recently did a First Impressions video over on my YouTube channel so go check it out!

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