Monday, 12 August 2013

Nike Free Runs

 About two months ago I joined the gym- something I should have done a long time ago! For the first while the runners I was wearing were ok- however as I started jogging more I could soon see that I would need to invest in something a little more supportive- shin splints are not great!
After hearing so much about the Free Runs and seeing everyone wearing them I thought I'd see what they were like. Needless to say I think they're great, they're so light it makes running feel far easier. They're also surprisingly supportive considering how light they are. My favourite thing about them though is that they don't look like typically ugly gym trainers, instead they come in a variety of different colours- with lots if neon. I opted for the blue and neon pink pair and I love them!
They definitely are an investment purchase, at €99.99 in Foot Locker they weren't cheap but in the long run they'll be worth it!

*All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me.


Surprisingly enough, after reading beauty blogs and following beauty YouTube channels for a number of years I have never tried Bioderma. I do have an excuse, seeing as it isn't readily available in Dublin yet- I think House of Fraser in Dundrum is the only place you can get it!
So after a recent trip to Germany, I spied this cute little bottle in a pharmacy. At €6.90 for 100mls its not exactly cheap, it was definitely more sensible to get a bigger bottle but I couldn't get a large one in fear of my case being overweight for the flight home!
So far, I can really see what all the hype was about- something I didn't think would happen. For a product that seems so simple- its just a make-up remover, it really is someting I've fallen in love with. I very rarely use facial wipes to remove my make-up as they completly dry out my skin. However, occasionally if I'm home late and am feeling lazy I reach for the wipes. Bioderma is a great way of taking your make-up of in a rush wihout feeling guilty for your poor skin by using wipes!
It definitely needs to be stressed that this isn't a replacement for your cleanser but a nice way of effectively and speedily removing your makeup before you cleanse.

As it is such a small bottle I'd say I'll be running out very soon, Dublin needs to start stocking it or I'll have to buy online!

*All products mentioned in this post were purchased  by me.

Thermal Sprays

So after we've all seen how silly I look in the above picture we can talk about thermal sprays. They've been around for a while now but its only recently I've had some in my stash, I had previously had a try of an Avene one my Mum had but didn't really get the hype.
After a recently holiday my opinion on them changed for a number of reasons;

1- Being in the middle of a city in 30 degree heat for four days makes you very hot. These sprays are great when you're really hot and want nothing more than to splash your face with cold water. Except us make-up lovers can't really do that without a mascara meltdown! By using one of these you get a nice refreshing mist all over your face that cools you down and doesn't destroy your make-up.

2- Speaking of make-up and city breaks these sprays were lifesavers when it came to midday touch-ups. After a day filled with sightseeing in the heat touch-ups are definitely necessary, especially if you're heading straight from a day of museums to a bar. By lightly spritzing your face your make-up looks refreshed and dewy and allows you to apply more where you need it without the risk of looking cakey.

Possibly the biggest endorsement for these is that our male friends on this holiday laughed at us spraying our faces with these on day one. However, by the time we were on the flight home they were as addicted to using them as us!

These are the two sprays I have tried.
First up is Vichy Eau Thermale- decribed as rich in rare minerals, paraben free and suitable for sensitive skin. This was my favourite of the two as it sprayed quite a fine mist which didn't leave your face too wet.
Secondly is La Roche Posay's Thermal Spring Water- described as a natural antioxidant and  soothes and softens sensitive skin. This was also lovely but sprayed slightly heavier than the Vichy which made it slightly less usable when you're on the go.

Overall, I would have to say I'm converted and would never go on holiday to a hot destination without one!

*All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me.