Monday, 12 August 2013


Surprisingly enough, after reading beauty blogs and following beauty YouTube channels for a number of years I have never tried Bioderma. I do have an excuse, seeing as it isn't readily available in Dublin yet- I think House of Fraser in Dundrum is the only place you can get it!
So after a recent trip to Germany, I spied this cute little bottle in a pharmacy. At €6.90 for 100mls its not exactly cheap, it was definitely more sensible to get a bigger bottle but I couldn't get a large one in fear of my case being overweight for the flight home!
So far, I can really see what all the hype was about- something I didn't think would happen. For a product that seems so simple- its just a make-up remover, it really is someting I've fallen in love with. I very rarely use facial wipes to remove my make-up as they completly dry out my skin. However, occasionally if I'm home late and am feeling lazy I reach for the wipes. Bioderma is a great way of taking your make-up of in a rush wihout feeling guilty for your poor skin by using wipes!
It definitely needs to be stressed that this isn't a replacement for your cleanser but a nice way of effectively and speedily removing your makeup before you cleanse.

As it is such a small bottle I'd say I'll be running out very soon, Dublin needs to start stocking it or I'll have to buy online!

*All products mentioned in this post were purchased  by me.

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