Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Handbag Essentials for a Girl on the Go.

Instead of your typical 'Whats in my bag' post (which are something I love to read being the nosey person that I am) today I've put together one that is specifically aimed at those running from meeting to meeting during the week or even if you're just headed to an interview. As you can see from the photos, I really am a pro at squeezing as much as possible into a small bag, so lets go through what I managed to squash in;

1. The Bag: You're going to want something that looks professional and goes with everything, in this case black is your best friend as it will go with any outfit. This satchel in particular is made by the brand Zatchel and it was a 21st birthday present. Its a really classic and timeless style so it won't go out of fashion or be a bag you get tired of. Its also super practical as it has a shoulder strap so you can just sling it over your arm, the leather has become lovely and soft now which makes it easier to squeeze more in!

2. Purse: An obvious essential here but I thought it should be mentioned! Mine is from Michael Kors and is again, plain black so it goes with everything. Make sure that you are always prepared with change for your bus or train as you don't want to be late for a meeting or have to pay for a taxi! I would also recommend to carry some cash on you, especially if your meeting is in a coffee shop so that you can split the bill far easier than if you only carry a card.

3. A Diary and a pen: My diary/planner is by Moleskine, this is my favourite brand as they are made from soft leather and are a nice small size for your handbag while still being big enough to have two pages per week. I always carry mine with me as its handy for keeping track of work/appointments/meetings, making your life more organised and less stressful.

4. Spare tights: I cannot stress enough how useful it is to have a pair tucked into your bag. There is nothing worse than realising there is a hole or ladder in your tights halfway through the day. It instantly makes you self-conscious, and in my opinion it look quite unprofessional.

5. Umbrella: Living in Dublin means carrying an umbrella is essential, you can never tell which way the weather will turned. The last thing you want is to arrive at a meeting with wet, wind-blown hair so make sure you always have a fold up umbrella in your bag, mine is from COS.

6. Deodorant: If you're running from place to place for meetings all day I would recommend bringing some deodorant with you. It's nice to have in your bag so that you can freshen up halfway through your day.

7. Make-Up Bag: This is possibly (for me anyway) the most important thing to bring! For an interview or important meeting I would nearly always wear a bright lip to make you stand out and appear more confident. I've packed Ruby Woo from MAC as its my all time favourite red, as well as being matte so it will stay on all day. Also in my makeup bag is a mirror, for touch ups on the go, mints as its important to have fresh breath but not to arrive chewing gum, paracetamol in case you get a headache but still have to attend, and lastly hair ties and clips in case of a hair emergency on the way!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it was helpful to some of you! Let me know down in the comments what your handbag essentials are for a busy week of work/meetings. This post was written in association with Meetings Booker and you can check out their original post here.

Natural/Everyday Makeup for Acne/Acne Scarring.

For any of you that missed it, Yesterday I uploaded a new video over on my YouTube channel. This one is specifically aimed at anyone with acne/acne scarring that wants to cover it without looking like they're wearing too much make-up. It's ideal for anyone going back to school where you're not allowed to wear make-up or even just back to college and you're looking for a simple, fresh everyday look. Also, all the products used are available in the drugstore/Boots/Superdrug!
Let me know what you guys think over on my channel!