Thursday, 26 June 2014

Space NK Grafton Street Launch Party.

I got the chance last Thursday to attend the Space NK launch party which was so exciting! This is the first Space NK store in Ireland (except for a very small concession in Harvey Nichols) and its so great to see it open here. The store is on Grafton Street, in a brilliant location and the shop itself is gorgeous. The inside is bright, fresh and airy and I love how all the products are displayed- another bonus is that everything is priced, including the make-up stands. This is something that makes shopping so much easier- I hate asking repeatedly how much something is!

The launch party itself was fantastic, they had a DJ as well as delicious cocktails and nibbles. The staff were all so helpful and friendly, particularly the Assistant Manager who was more than helpful when I asked about the This Works range- even giving me some mini samples of the Deep Sleep oil and cream.

Now onto the best bit: the products. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop walking in here- they have SO many brands us Irish beauty junkies have been starved of for so long! Such as Chantecaille, Kevin Aucoin, By Terry, Lipstick QueenOskia, the Diptique skincare range, Caudalie just to name a few. This is so amazing as before I would have had to buy from these brands online, which just isn't the same as swatching in store before buying- especially with make-up!

One of the nicest things about Space NK is the miniature range they have- these are smaller half size versions of products they stock so you can buy a slightly cheaper version of something and see if you like it- they're also great for travelling! I picked up the Caudalie Beauty Elixir that I've heard so much about to try. We were also given the most amazing goodie bags at the end of the night with tonnes of full size hair and skincare products to try. So far I've been loving the Aurelia cleanser and the Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers- I'll be doing full reviews on some of these products over the next few weeks.

 Overall I'm so delighted Space NK has opened here and I know the shop is going to do so well! The only negative that I have is that its opened very close to where I work which means frequent trips there on my lunch breaks- my bank balance isn't too happy about that!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Chanel Mademoiselle Moisturiser

If I've never expressed my love for the Chanel Mademoiselle scent on my blog before I'm going to do it now. This is, by far, my all time favourite perfume- it's heavenly! For me, it combines a super girly sweet scent with something a little bit more sophisticated. I can't describe exactly what it's like as it doesn't smell specifically of anything like roses, or bergamot etc, it just has it's own really unique smell.
Before I get too carried away talking about the perfume I need to say that this is a review of the moisturiser that goes with it! I got this as a birthday present and it is so so lovely. It's nice to get the body lotion of your favourite perfume as you can layer them up together to create a really long lasting scent. What I like most about this is that it sinks in so fast! It's a great one to apply just before you leave the house as it doesn't leave you feeling sticky or tacky.
As this is an expensive, luxury moisturiser I don't use it every day, I try to keep it for nights out or days when I'm going somewhere nice! I always follow my Grandmas advice when it comes to body lotions; 'Use your cheap stuff on your legs, and your expensive stuff up top!' This is such a good idea, I tend to put my more affordable lotions like my Soap and Glory on my legs and keep this for my arms, chest and neck. This is what my Grandma does with her Diptyque and Jo Malone body lotions! and she uses her Nivea on her legs! I find that the fragrance from this really lingers on my skin, and sometimes I skip perfume altogether and just wear this, as it has enough scent on its own!

It's nice to know that it's not just the scent and the packaging of this body lotion that's nice, but the product inside is amazing too, super hydrating and sinks in fast, I would definitely recommend buying this for yourself or as a gift for someone special!