Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Weekly Catch Up #3

Last week was a good week- I got to catch up with friends, spent money when I had none, saw my grandparents and ate lots of delicious food. the bikini body diet went straight out the window-which you'll see in the pictures below! I thought I'd share with you what I got up to last week through my Instagram- you can follow me here.


I ADORE stationary- just in case any of you don't know that about me. In fact, me and two of my best friends share this love, one of which is moving away for college in September (devastated) and we're already scheduling in a stationary shopping day before she goes! I picked up 25 Sharpies in Easons the other day for a mere €12.99. Bargain of the year- who doesn't love Sharpies?! I literally have no idea what I'll use them all for, but I'll make it my mission to find something.


We got some sunny weather this week so I decided to ditch the all black and wear some more summery colours- for me this means white and grey, about as colourful as I get. Here I'm wearing my beloved Topshop grey coat, Topshop white trainers and my long COS shirt dress.


Speaking of stationary loving friends- we met up this week for a catch up- where there was lots of exciting news, and we went to Bunsen. Now for any of you living in Dublin, or who are planning a trip soon, Bunsen is an absolute MUST. Best burger in Dublin. You'll see many places claiming to have the 'best burger in Dublin' but they're all lying to you. I don't have much more to say on this except that you have to go- straight up burgers with no fuss, so little fuss that their menu is printed on tiny business cards.


I had five days off last week and it was fabulous, I had no real plans except to relax and spend time with my family. My Dad and I started our few days off with a walk along Skerries beach with the dog and went for tea and scones after. We went to Olive in Skerries which is a great spot on a sunny day to sit outside and have breakfast or lunch.


During my days off I finally had time to colour in my world map- I bought this plain map in COS and a girl I work with suggested colouring in the places you've visited. Thinking I'd been to far more places than I actually had I set about colouring it in only to quickly realise that going to a lot of places in Europe doesn't equate to much when you're looking at a world map. I think its time to book some holidays!


On Saturday I had the nicest day, my Mum, my Grandma and I went into the city centre for some shopping and walking around the city. First stop is one of my favourite cafes- Le Petit Parisien on Wicklow Street. Stepping inside you almost feel you could be in Paris, the decor, staff and music all feel so authentic without being cheesy or ridiculous. Its such a lovely cosy spot, not to mention the great coffee and even better cakes. I got the raspberry and almond tart and it was divine.


We decided to be tourists for the day and go to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells and the Library. I can't believe I've never been in to the Library before, it was amazing. For book lovers like me it was a dream, I wanted to move in. 


We finished off the day with a cocktail in the Shelbourne- quite a ladylike end to the day. This cocktail was called 'Eat the Peach' and it was absolutely delicious. Peach bitters mixed with vodka
and muddled peaches and fresh raspberries- it was well worth the shocking price tag. 

I hope you enjoyed this little weekly catch up guys- and if you're coming to Dublin hopefully it gave you a few ideas on places to go while you're here!

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