Monday, 24 June 2013

Rimmel Salon Pro Polishes

After hearing many a good thing about Rimmel's latest nail polish offerings I decided to check them out....which has led to me buying quite a few!

First up is a gorgeous pastel-lilac shade that- so far- is my favourite of the bunch. This shade is called Ultra Violet and is a gorgeous spring/summer shade that keeps me looking at my nails whenever I wear it! The best part is that its completely opaque after two coats, which can be difficult to achieve with some pastel colours.
Next is Disco Fever a deep pink/purple that looks heavenly on toes. I'm not one for muted tones on toes so this is definitely a keeper in my book- as it really pops- it goes especially well with a sneaky shoe purchase I may have made this week!
The darkest of the bunch, aptly named Punk Rock is a colour I absolutely love. As much as I like black nail polish, it really is a pain in the arse to take off, so this colour is a slightly easier way to achieve dark nails without all the faffing about at manicure time. Its an unusual colour which is why I chose it- a dark grey, with a hint of mauvey purple.
Lastly is the most muted of the pack- Soul Session. A great staple nail polish- everyone needs a good nude, for days when you need to look understated and polished, like a job interview or if you just want to keep it simple. This ticks all the right boxes- plus its also nicely opaque after two coats.

So far I'm loving these polishes (if you can't already tell) as they are advertised as having a gel like finish, which they do. They look super glossy and are nice and long-lasting.
I can definitely see myself expanding my collection as they have quite a broad colour range!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
H x

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