Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Prisoners- Film Review

Now, if I'm being completely honest I wasn't overly bothered about going to see Prisoners, although being a huge Criminal Minds fan it did look like something I'd like. Despite this, I ended up sitting in the cinema munching away on my popcorn watching this for two reasons; A: my boyfriend really wanted to see it (and it was his turn to choose the film) and B: Jake Gyllenhaal (need I elaborate?).

I ended up seriously enjoying this film, it far exceeded my expectations. As I already said it does appeal to fans of shows like Criminal Minds (can you tell I love it?) in the sense that its a lets-solve-the-case story. However, it is so much more than that- the film is about two children who go missing. We watch the search of these children unfold from the perspective of the lead investigator on the case, Loki (Gyllenhaal) and the children's parents- mostly Keller (Hugh Jackman). Firstly, this was a real stellar cast and the acting from both was incredible. The characters are incredibly frustrated and desperate in their search and they portray this throughout the film with subtlety on Gyllenhaal's part (with one desk-smashing exception) and with violent outbursts from Jackman. However, both these portrayals although different are both believable and emotional to watch.

Now any other Criminal Minds fans out there (I know again!) will understand the agonising tension of some particularly well crafted episodes, Prisoners was on another level. Described as a dark, suspenseful thriller it really does- excuse the cliché- leave you on the edge of your seat. My boyfriend found me particularly amusing fidgeting around and hopping up and down on my seat for the later parts of the film. To me, this just showed how emotionally involved with the film I was- it really is one to suck you in, whilst filling you with a sense of dread throughout.

Overall, I found that it was quite a long film, with perhaps a slight lull in the middle, but it was never boring. I haven't said too much about the plot as its difficult to do so without giving away too much of the story! What I can say is that there are plenty of twists and red herrings to keep you guessing and elements of the film will make you question what we call justice. The ending, is great in my opinion-lots of people have criticised it- it doesn't tie everything up too neatly and isn't overly sentimental which it easily could have been. Its an intense and emotional film that I would highly recommend anyone to see!

P.S. The only thing that would make this film completely perfect is of course Shemar Moore. ;)

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  1. The cast was great, but the story also made it even better to watch since it could have literally gone anywhere, at any given time. Nice review Hannah.