Monday, 28 October 2013

Young Blood Cosmetics Launch

Last week I was invited along to the launch of Young Blood Cosmetics- this is an American brand that's already huge in the U.S and is now launching in the U.K and Ireland!
Now I've been living in Dublin nearly all my life but embarrassingly enough myself and my friend took about half an hour trying to find the Closer2Fabulous Studio where the event was held! I thought that the studio was such a lovely place to hold a function like this as it wasn't too big- this combined with the cosy d├ęcor created a really un-imposing and relaxed environment for the launch.

The launch included a 30 minute make-up tutorial from Philip Luque- one of Young Blood's leading make-up artists. This was so interesting as we got to see all the products in action as he talked us through what he was doing. He created a beautiful deep midnight blue smokey eye that I would never normally try, but now feel inspired to do so! For me personally, I have never used a mineral foundation so getting to see the correct techniques on how to apply one was really helpful. Philip Luque was so entertaining and also very knowledgeable about the brand. Pauline Youngblood originally set up the brand as a result of her own skin problems- she suffered with acne and wanted make-up that wouldn't clog pores or be bad for your skin. All of Young Blood's products are talc free and don't clog pores.
After the demonstration one of  Young Blood's Irish make-up artists tried some of the mineral foundation on me, I was so surprised- I loved it! I have quite dry skin so would have never dreamed of applying a mineral powder foundation but I really like how it looked. I was already wearing my Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation so I already had a lot of coverage. The finish of the mineral foundation was beautiful, incredibly glowy for a powder with an almost HD/Photoshop effect to the skin.
Overall, I found the event extremely informative and interesting. We were all lucky enough to receive a goodie-bag afterwards with some products for us to sample, so far I'm loving the Mineral Rice powder (the finest/least cakey setting powder I've ever used!) and the Mineral Primer. However, I will be doing a more detailed review of these products on my blog over the next few weeks!
If you want to see more about the Young Blood launch check out my You Tube channel:

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