Monday, 5 May 2014

Easter 2014

Today I thought I'd share more of a personal post with you guys! Ages ago, back when I had my first blog I used to share pictures like this all the time. Seeing as my You Tube channel has most of its focus on make-up and books, I wanted my blog to be a bit different and to share some more lifestyle/day-to-day posts with you! Personally, these are some of the posts I love to see on other peoples blogs so I hope you enjoy them too!
These are some photos I took at Easter weekend, my Grandparents came up from Kerry to visit us and we were celebrating my Grandma's 70th Birthday! It was a really nice few days, I love it when they come to stay as we don't get to see them too often.

Here's Indie getting a little too close to our Easter dinner! My Grandad had to weigh it to see how long it would need in the oven for anyone that's wondering why its on a scales!

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