Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Skin Update- Dairy Free Week Two!

So, its been just over two weeks since I started my dairy free diet and as promised I'm going to give you guys a little update on how I'm getting on!

Last week I did get two or three spots around my forehead and chin area, where I usually get them. As I have spots like these ALL the time they were nothing unusual for me. Some of you may be thinking that two weeks in if I'm still breaking out then the dairy free can't be working, don't worry, it was that time of the  month so I'm going to put them down as hormonal spots. I always laugh when people say they break out at this time of the month as I never notice any difference as my skin is always breaking out in these areas!
However, the last three or four days I've had no new break outs and my skin seems to be clearing up! I can by no means put this down to dairy free yet as, like I said before, sometimes my skin just likes to behave itself occasionally.

I have been finding the past week a bit easier in terms of the dietary changes. Cheese is still calling me from the fridge every time I walk past and without it I find it too sad to eat pasta! What's pasta without cheese?!? The biggest test for me was Monday-my sister's birthday. My Dad bought Marks and Spencer's Colin Caterpillars (HEAVEN) and a big chocolate cake. I managed to resist but sat and sulked in the corner for the rest of the evening. Chocolate cake is such a vice for me- I could easily sit there and eat two or three slices- don't judge me.

Overall its going well- I'm hoping to see some serious changes in the next week or two and I'll be back with an update on  Monday!

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