Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Goldfinch Review!

For any of you that may have missed my last video, it was a review of Donna Tartt's amazing book The Goldfinch. If you want an in-depth review of the novel then check that out, i'll leave the link below. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and something I forgot to mention in my review is the miniature print of the painting that comes inside it. I have the hardback version so I'm not sure if its the same with the paperback- inside the second page is a small colour copy of the painting 'The Goldfinch'. I think this is a really sweet addition to the book as the painting plays such a huge part in the story. Its really easy to take it out of the book too so you could use it as a book mark or stick it on your wall if you like it. Anyhow I just thought  I'd mention that here as I forgot to over on my channel!
As always if you've read this book let me know your thoughts down in the comments and give me some reccomendations!

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