Friday, 9 January 2015

Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter.

All hail the worlds best highlighter. EVER.
If you watched my December Favourites video you'll have heard me have a little rave about this already. I had this highlighter before and unfortunately it smashed in my handbag after about a week; so unbelievably tragic, I've really never quite got over it.
A recent re-purchase has made me remember just how amazing this highlighter is and how I should never have gone so long without it! First of all I love the shade- like a pearly-champagne colour. This particularly suits my pale skin- as highlighters that are too gold in colour just don't quite match my deathly tones.
I will warn you that if you're in any way afraid of highlighters then be careful with this as its very intense. Its not packed with glitter or anything, just very shimmery, but in a nice way. As long as you're light handed with your brush this will make you look so glowy and healthy. It also looks fab on the inner corner of your eyes- it will make you look super perky and awake, trust me!
If you've never tried this and are in the market for a new highlight definitely check this one out- its not too expensive especially when you look at how much product you get- just please don't smash it in your handbag, ok?

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  1. I've been lusting after this for so long but it's not sold here in Canada :(