Wednesday, 7 January 2015

& Other Stories Body Scrub.

I love a good body scrub. I also love rose-scented things. Combine the two and I pretty much turn into a heart-eyed emoji. So you can imagine I was excited to get my hands on this & Other Stories scrub.......

Since buying this I've been into an & Other Stories, however at the time I'd only shopped online. Eyeing up skincare online is so tantalising as all you want to do is swatch and sniff! I hardly ever buy anything like this without having had a good sniff of it first but I knew I'd like it when its described as beautifully as 'Pressed pink rose petals in an old cedar chest'. How fabulous does that sound?

I really enjoy using this scrub as it doesn't ever feel as though you are wasting product. Its very like a sugar scrub, made up of lots of fine gritty particles without much liquid holding it together, which I really liked,. Some scrubs are just far too gloopy and before you know it half of its down the drain before you've even started on your scaly legs. The texture of this is quite sticky-almost like a gel mixed with sugar so it really sticks to damp skin, which is exactly what you need in a scrub. I really like the smell- its not overly rose scented, so for any non-lovers there's still hope! I also love the packaging- its quite minimalist and slightly industrial looking but is somehow still very cute. & Other Stories have a whole load of bodycare and they offer this rose scent in lots of other formulas such as body sprays and moisturisers.

& Other Stories is opening in Dublin in 2015-date still to be announced- so I have a feeling I'll be stocking up on a lot more of this range!

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