Friday, 6 March 2015

Max Benjamin Candle in French Linen Water.

I have quite the addiction to candles. I think a lot of women share this addiction which does make me feel a little better, I can't walk out of a homeware shop without buying a candle most of the time but I've never reviewed any on here before!

The one I'm burning in the picture above is a Max Benjamin candle- they are an Irish company so they're easily available to buy here in Dublin. The candles themselves are 100% natural wax and come in gorgeous white jars which look really pretty sitting on a coffee table or a desk. I have the French Linen Water candle and I love the scent. My Mum bought it for me as she knows I love smells like clean, fresh washing and she was so right! The smell of this is quite sweet but at the same the really fresh. Its a lovely candle to be burning now, during Spring. I have this in my bedroom and find that I can smell it even when its not burning which is really nice.

I would highly recommend the Max Benjamin candles if you haven't tried them before. Especially if you can't afford a Jo Malone or Diptyque candle, these retail for around twenty euro, and would make a lovely gift.

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