Friday, 27 September 2013

About Time - Film Review

Another weekend, and yet another Rom-Com hits the silver screen. However, something about this particular film caught my eye- perhaps the relatively unknown Domhnall Gleeson cast alongside Rom-Com-Queen Rachel McAdams gave me hope that maybe this was a little different from the rest.

This film wasn't what I expected, I presumed it would be a typical boy-meets-girl, they fall madly in love and everything falls apart only for him to win her back at the end. How wrong I was, of course we have the boy-meets-girl and falls madly in love part but that's really as far as their relationship develops in the film. The really interesting bit is Tim's (Domhnall Gleeson) ability to time travel, along with all the other men in his family. This adds plenty of amusement to the film as Tim gets the unique opportunity to fuck situations up quite spectacularly and then gets to go back and fix his mistakes. Domhnall Gleeson is excellent in these horribly awkward and cringe-worthy situations, and its refreshing to see someone other than Hugh Grant in a British romantic comedy!

For me, this film was more about Tim and his relationship with his wonderfully quirky and eccentric family, Bill Nighy as Tim's Dad is a particular gem! It makes for a really heart-warming story that by the end has veered into more of a Father-Son relationship than romantic Rom-Com. If you haven't already seen it I would strongly advise that you do, just don't get too caught up in the ins-and-outs of Tim's time travelling abilities. This isn't Back to the Future so don't expect many space time continuum rules to apply here!

A really great date night movie that even your boyfriend will enjoy as it never gets too slushy and at times is really hilarious, or just a fun film to see with the girls!

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