Thursday, 19 September 2013

New MAC Lippies


As you can see I have recently acquired some new MAC lipsticks. I'm quite a sucker for the MAC lipstick counter and can spend a rather long time swatching every colour under the sun on the back of my hand.
First of these two lovely lippies is MAC's Lady Danger- I have wanted this lipstick for SO LONG. I already own MAC Red and Ruby Woo and for a long time convinced myself that I didn't need another red lipstick. However, when I was on holidays I decided that what the hell, I really do need this lipstick in my life! I'm so glad I did make this spontaneous purchase as its such a gorgeous colour. A really vibrant orangey-red, unlike Ruby Woo's blue toned red, it really packs a punch on the lips. I like to think its quite a quirky colour and that it really stands out against my pale skin. Another huge bonus is that its a matte lipstick, which I love. I hate re-applying constantly and with MAC's Matte range there really is no need, they have some seriously good staying power!

Top- Lady Danger. Bottom- Plumful.

 Another new addition is MAC's Plumful. This is a shade I've also had my eye on for a while- any followers of Essie Button will know she is a huge fan of this shade, and after hearing her rave about it I swatched it for myself- alas it was love! Not my usual go to colour as it is quite muted for me (I do love a red lip) however I've found it to be so nice as an everyday colour. Bought for me by my two best friends as a graduation present I don't feel too guilty that I have yet another lipstick in my collection- especially as I know I shall get so much wear out of it! The formulation is a Lustre which is something I would never usually go for- its quite sheer and creamy with a slight shimmer to it. Normally this would be a no-no for me, but in this particular shade I love it! The lasting power isn't quite there but I think this may be that I'm more used to MAC's matte formula.

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