Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hightsreet/Drugstore Beauty Buys.


Its my little sister's birthday this week, which also coincided with her running out of almost all her makeup- does anyone else get that mascara, foundation and concealer all love to run out at the same time? So being the lovely sister that I am I decided to get her some of the make-up bits she needed. Concealer is something she already had, as well as her Naked palette from Urban Decay so these weren't necessary.
So here's what I picked up in Boots;

No7 Instant Radiance Foundation.
I was wearing this foundation earlier on this year and really liked it. My sister previously had the matte version of this which she picked up by accident, I got her the Instant Radiance this time around as now we are coming into the Winter months our skin needs that extra bit of glow! Shade- Calico.

Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara.
I picked this up quite randomly, just knowing that mascara was one of the things she needed. A lot of the mascaras I looked at had the plastic comb applicator which I know she hates. I'm not sure how good this one is (I'm still waiting on her review!) but I mostly got it because it had a fat brush applicator.

Seventeen Skin Wow! Three Way Highlighter.
This is something I am definitely going to go back for myself, my friend who was with me in Boots suggested this as she loves it. It can be used underneath foundation as a luminescent primer, blended onto cheekbones for a nice bit of glow or even mixed in with a pump of foundation for an all over sheen. For roughly €4 I couldn't believe how lovely this product was, super pearlescent and pigmented. My sister always steals my Lush Feeling Younger cream highlighter so I knew she would be a fan of this!

No7 Stay Perfect Lip Stain.
This was another product I immediately wanted myself after I swatched it on the back of my hand! My sister is a huge fan of lip stains as they last pretty much all day with minimum touch ups. However, her Rimmel lip stain was looking incredibly worse for wear (I dread to think how long she's had it for)- so I picked her up a new one. I had intended to grab another Rimmel one but these No7 versions caught my eye, I think they're quite new to the range? I got her the shade Ballet which is a gorgeous deep berry colour and is lovely for the colder months- they also come with a sheer lip balm at the opposite end to stop the stain from drying out your lips too much.

I also got her a new make-up bag- only €3.50 from Pennys/Primark!

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