Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dr Bronner's MAGIC Soap.

If you've already watched my What I Got For Christmas video you'll have heard me mention the Dr Bronner's Magic Soap, if you haven't yet you can watch it here.

This stuff really is as amazing as it is hyped up to be here in the blogging and YouTube world. I'd read a lot of reviews on how it is multi-purpose, you can use it as shampoo, as soap, on your dishes, etc., however, I just wanted to use it on my make-up brushes! I saw this in TK Maxx, and I'm not sure how readily available it is elsewhere in Dublin at the moment.

I have always washed my brushes with Johnson's Baby Shampoo and it worked a treat for me- however since switching to Dr Bronner's I've noticed a huge difference in my brushes;

Firstly is how much quicker they are to clean. With the baby shampoo I would always have to lather the brush up at least twice, and more if it is a heavily used brush like my Buffing Brush for foundation. Since switching to this, for most of my brushes I only need to lather them up once, and my foundation brush twice to get them thoroughly clean! I don't enjoy spending ages cleaning brushes so f I can get it done even a slight bit faster that's a bonus!
Secondly, I've found that my brushes feel a lot cleaner after using this, in fact they feel fluffier. This is my favourite thing about the soap, it leaves your brushes super soft and fluffy, almost like brand new! Looking back I think the baby shampoo might have weighed my brushes down a bit and left some residue in them after cleaning as they never felt fluffy even after a thorough rinse.

Overall I think this soap is fantastic- mine is the Almond Hemp scented one which smells delicious, just like marzipan! I will definitely be repurchasing this- however if I did want a cheaper alternative I would use baby shampoo again, its not a bad way to clean brushes I just think the Dr Bronner's is better!

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