Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wet N'Wild Makeup Range- Review.

In the last few weeks, Wet N'Wild makeup has finally made its way to Ireland, already a huge brand in the US, its often mentioned on American beauty channels and blogs- so of course I had to give it a try. Above, is what I picked up on my first look around the Wet N'Wild stand near me, and it was very affordable- all this cost me only €16.45! That's almost the same price as a MAC lippy!

I've been using what I bought over the past week and a half- so I've tried everything and I love it!
First up, lets talk about the eye shadows- I picked up Petal Pusher which is a beautiful purple toned palette. If you watched my recent haul you'll have heard me mention that the nude palette is the most popular, I already have enough nude eye shadows to last a lifetime so I went with something a bit more colourful!
I also got one of the single eye shadows, at only €1.99 each, its too easy to grab more than one! I got the shade Envy, which is a gorgeous dark, mossy green with a hint of shimmer- to see it in action check out my Get Ready With Me which I filmed during the week!
The eye shadows are super creamy- almost Urban Decay quality but not quite, and the colour payoff and lasting power are both very impressive for the price!

Oddly enough, I also bought a coloured liquid liner. A friend of my Mum's was visiting recently and she was wearing turquoise and blue liner, sounds awful but when you apply a really fine line close to the lash line paired with heaps of mascara it looks lovely! A really nice way to add a pop of colour, and doesn't look as 80's as you might think! I haven't gone too crazy with the colours though, I also came home with a super soft black kohl liner which was only €1.99.

Now lets talk lipstick, I'm a sucker for lip products, I'd easily say they're my favourite thing to buy and use! Interestingly, they had a range of matte lipsticks- my absolute favourite! On my first trip I got Coral-ine, a beautiful bright orangey-red. I did make a second trip to the stand a few days later and I came back with Mauve Outta Here, a lovely purple-pink. I'm so impressed with the quality of these lipsticks- they're matte without being drying and are super long lasting! They have a few other shades I've got my eye on, so watch this space!

On my second trip I also got a face powder which so far I really like, its very light and has kept my makeup in place all day on the days I've used it so far. I got the shade Fair Coverall Pressed Powder. While I was there I picked up another eye pencil as I was so impressed with the black, I got Bronze which is nearly the exact same shade as my Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, so I will probably be pairing it with that. While I was perusing the pencils I got a lip liner in the shade Fab Fuchsia which is  a nice plum-pink that matches a lot of lipsticks I already have!

Overall, I'm so impressed with this brand- for the price the quality is fantastic! Sorry for the long post- but I did go a bit crazy and bought a lot!

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  1. I was so excited to see Wet'n'Wild here too! :D I got the nude palette and I love it! I really wanna try out the lipsticks now after watching your vid and these swatches it looks so pigmented!