Monday, 7 April 2014

Tweezerman Eyelash Curlers

Up until recently I have never really bothered with eyelash curlers, my lashes are very straight and short so I was convinced that nothing I did would really make that much difference. Oh how wrong I was, even for lashes as stubby as mine curlers make a difference!

I had previously owned some very cheap eyelash curlers from Penneys/Primark and I used them quite half-heartedly, however I decided that it was probably time to invest in some half decent ones, and I actually got these for Christmas.

I really love these, and since using them I can see such a difference that spending a little more on curlers makes. I find that with these I can really get right down to the root of the lash and give them a good squeeze without pinching my eyelid or any of that uncomfortable stuff! I try to hold them in place for at least twenty seconds, sometimes pumping them to get some extra curl. They really give my eyelashes some oomph and make my eyes look more open and awake!

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