Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Poesie.

It's taken me a while to get around to reviewing this Chanel eyeshadow palette as although I really liked it I didn't use it too much at first. I think this is because I have quite a few neutral/bronzey toned palettes that I was in the habit of using everyday without even thinking about it. However, after using this for about a month it's fast becoming one of my favourites!
For one, the packaging is simply DIVINE. Look at it! It's gorgeous, so very glamorous as well as brilliantly compact and easy to throw in your handbag. I find the mirror particularly good for on-the-go touch-ups as its nice and big.

On to the eyeshadows. I've only ever used Chanel's cream eye shadows before so these were a first time for me, they're lovely and buttery as well as nicely pigmented for shimmery neutral shades. The shimmer in them isn't too chunky or sparkly which I liked a lot. They add a lovely light wash of shimmer to the eyes that still looks sophisticated, not glittery! My favourite colour is the second shade on the top row which is far more gold when applied, initially I wondered why there were two light pearlescent shades in one palette but they are quite different when swatched. The orange-bronze is also pretty all over the lid and applied quite heavily under the eye with lashings of mascara.

I got this as a gift and it really is a lovely present to receive, I do think they are worth the splurge if you were buying one for yourself too! I can see myself using this more and more, especially while traveling as you can do a lot with this little palette to take you from a fresh daytime look to something a little bit more sultry!

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