Sunday, 1 February 2015

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay.

I don't think I've ever reviewed a fragrance on my blog before and that's probably because its so difficult to describe scent. At least with a lipstick or an eyeshadow you can see the colour and I can describe the texture but a fragrance is a lot more complex!

I'm going to try my best to describe this one I got for Christmas; its from Jo Malone and its their Blackberry and Bay Cologne. The reason I like Jo Malone is that their scents are very different from everything else. I like the freshness of their perfumes and the combinations they come up with. This one in particular is something I kept going back to smell and spray on myself as it is so interesting. To me, it really does smell exactly as you'd expect, like blackberries and bay. So it combines the sweet, yet not cloying scent of fresh blackberries with the deep fragrance of the bay to set off the sweetness. Is that a horrendous description? I tried!

My parents laughed at me because initially I described this as smelling like going for a brisk walk in the English countryside. Sounds bizarre I know; but its so fresh and out-doorsy but still smells quite sophisticated, It makes me think that this is what Elizabeth Bennet would have smelt outside as she traipses around Longbourn. Ok, now I have to stop as I'm heading into dreamy territory that makes no sense to anyone but me.

Go and give this a spritz if you're near a Jo Malone store and see if you can think of a better description than me!

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