Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Foundation.

Say Hello to my new favourite foundation. This stuff is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

When I bought this foundation I was originally intending on just picking up my usual Skin Foundation from Bobbi Brown which I've raved about for such a long time and I still love. However when I saw the new one sitting there, which I had already heard so much about, I swatched some on the back of my hand and it was love at first sight. Whilst almost hyperventilating at how utterly fabulous this foundation looked just on my hand, the girl at the counter told me that everyone thinks its the best foundation Bobbi has ever made and I would have to agree.
What I loved most about the Bobbi Brown Skin was the beautiful, glowy finish it would leave on the skin. As you all know I have a lot of acne scarring that is very red and can be quite hard to cover, so I found that I was using quite a lot of foundation to cover it. My other option was also to go for a heavier coverage foundation but I had never found one that gave me the dewy finish I love, until now! I feel like this serum foundation combines the luminous, glowy finish of the Skin Foundation with a heavy coverage, something that I've wanted for so long!
Its not only the finish and coverage that I love about this, The packaging is really nice- a heavy black glass bottle with a pipette instead of a pump which really does make it feel more like luxurious skincare than a foundation. It smells amazing too, packed full of good skincare ingredients it doesn't smell perfumed but instead really natural. Its also a complete bonus that its a SPF 40 which is perfect for me in the everyday Irish sun.
I honestly can't say anymore good things about this foundation, I can't ever see myself switching to another one, definitely head to your nearest Bobbi Brown counter to try it for yourself! Also, if any of you are wondering I wear the palest shade which is Porcelain.

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