Monday, 15 June 2015

Neon Nails.

If you've watched some of my recent videos you may have seen this colour pop up on my nails- its definitely quite a hard colour to miss! I mentioned in my latest video that for the past few months I've been getting acrylic nails which I love. I never thought I'd be a fake nail kind of girl, but after years of weak, brittle and short nails I decided that it was time to be fabulous. This of course meant getting the acrylics.
After I had the second set of fillers I decided I wanted something really bright to paint them with so I went on the hunt for a neon orange. This Orly one was the brightest I could find and it doesn't even look that bright in the picture! The shade is Neon Tangerine and I adore it, its almost obnoxiously bright and is oh-so-perfect for the summer. I think it would look especially great with a nice tan (something I always think I'll achieve over the summer yet never do). The formula of this is really nice- it definitely needs at least two coats though as its can be quite streaky after one. I usually apply three coats simply because I want it to be a really intense and vibrant neon.

Let me know what your favourite nail colours are for summer down in the comments!

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